The Cheap Phone Shop

About Us

The Cheap Phone Shop was started in 2010 with the goal of helping consumers save money on cell phones. The mobile phone is no longer an option for many consumers, it is a necessity. With smartphones not only connecting us to our friends and family with voice but also keeping us connected with social media, photos and videos, and location aware applications, staying on the cutting edge of smartphone technology is essential for life in today’s times.

When we searched the internet for online cell phone stores, we stumbled on to a lot of shady looking operations… Perhaps the pages were just un-maintained or out of date, but we weren’t comfortable trusting them to handle our order and figured you might not be either.

With experts in the User Experience (UX) field, we designed our site to be easy to navigate while still providing all of the information a prospective consumer might be looking for. This ensures it’s easy to drill down to find the perfect phone for you!

We then had our designer apply his craft to the wireframes and have to say what he created was quite breathtaking, we certainly hope you agree.

Our research folks then diligently researched each phone, offering an accurate summary of its key features and adding it to our database. You might notice we don’t have every single phone available quite yet; this is because we add them by hand and are very careful to provide the most accurate data possible to avoid wasting our customer’s time. Rest assured though, many, many more phones are being added as we speak!

We hope you find The Cheap Phone Shop useful and beneficial in your phone shopping process. Whether you do or don’t, we’d love to hear about it.

Thanks for visiting, and good luck finding your next phone!

Michael Anthony
Founder, The Cheap Phone Shop/Circumventures, LLC