The Cheap Phone Shop


So what is The Cheap Phone Shop?

The Cheap Phone Shop is here to help you quickly find the right phone for you at the lowest price. We hand you off to the big boys – guys like Amazon and Wirefly – for the actual purchase, but it’s our goal to be the fastest and most complete source for the information you need to choose your next phone.

How do you use it?

Simple! Just use the Drop Down boxes to Browse by Manufacturer, Cell Provider, or Operating System. Or, if you already know which phone you’re looking for just use the Search box at the top of the site.

What order do the results appear?

You’ll see phones that were rated highest by our users first. If you’d prefer to just see Phones listed by the Newest (or oldest!) entry, you can make that change in the Sort box toward the top of the page.

Are the phones on this site refurbished or used?

Absolutely not! Every phone advertised on this site is brand new and delivered through our retail partners like and Wirefly.

How do you make money?

For every person that orders a phone from one of our merchants, we receive a referral fee. Basically, we help you find what you are looking for at the lowest price, then send you to the merchants to place your order. In exchange for sending them a happy customer ready to order, the merchants send us a referral fee. Not bad, eh?

How do I get in touch?

Glad you asked!  All our information is on our contact page.