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BlackBerry Style Phone (Sprint)

BlackBerry Style Phone (Sprint)
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Manufacturer Blackberry
Provider Sprint
Operating System Blackberry
Product Description

Stylish sophistication is evident with the BlackBerry Style phone. A comfortable flip phone, the BlackBerry Style 9670 has two large displays so that you can easily see your emails, messages and media over Sprint’s powerful 3G network. Even as a flip phone, the BlackBerry Style has a full QWERTY keyboard as well as the BlackBerry 6 OS with outstanding graphics and new touch menus. Tabbed browsing, WiFi and GPS are all part of the BlackBerry style, and instead of paying almost $500, you can have the Blackberry Style for only one penny through The Cheap Phone Shop.

Technical Details
4GNoDual CamerasNo
Camera MP5 MPHD VideoNo
SD Card8 GBMemory512 MB
StandBy Time250 HoursTalk Time4.5 Hours
Physical KeyboardNoWIFIN/A
BT Version2.1OS Blackberry
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Customer Reviews
  1. By King Tungsten On

    As a dedicated blackberry customer for over eight years, I thought the new blackberry 6.0 OS would take blackberry to the next level. I also thought Style (flip) would be the best of old and new.
    Unfortunately, this model has turned out to be a disappointment with its slow processing speeds (not only network, but actual speed of phone to make decisions). Poor.
    Battery life is half of my former blackberrys and I talk a fraction of the time I used to. I wish blackberry was paying dividends for the amount of times I pulled the battery for a reset because this model locks up constantly, the ringtone may or may not alert you of an incoming call (you have to watch the screen 24/7 or you will miss a call), and the touchpad is so sensitive to touch that is always moves when you click to open.

    All of these problems and I dont ever play games…imagine if I did?

    Blackberry: You better be starting a revolution to come because your days seem numbered…and I will be holding this dinosaur with OS6.

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