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Garmin FONE Phone (T-Mobile)

Garmin FONE Phone (T-Mobile)
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Manufacturer Garmin
Provider T-Mobile
Operating System Android
Product Description

When Garmin’s world-renowned precise GPS navigation and the Android operating system come together, location-based content becomes a venue for new ways to explore the world around you with the Garmin Fone. Garmin specific apps come native and with the ability to download thousands of free and paid apps on the T-Mobile network app market, this phone can be a traveler’s dream.

With its sleek design and ease of use, this phone is a winner among travelers world-wide. Global phone capabilities also means that wherever you go it will work, there is no need to change out your SIM card or switch to a prepaid network that works where you are. For the best pricing, order yours online today.

Technical Details
4GNoDual CamerasNo
Camera MP3 MPHD VideoNo
SD Card2 GBMemory4 GB
StandBy Time432 HoursTalk Time9 Hours
Physical KeyboardNoWIFI802.11b/g
BT Version2.0OS Android
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Customer Reviews
  1. By priscilla veloz On

    I love this phone so much its an awesome phone perfect for me, well it was til my screen broke n too much to fix :( I miss this phone wish I could get another1 but this one Garmin is the best phone u can have

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