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HTC Hero Android Phone (Sprint)

HTC Hero Android Phone (Sprint)
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Manufacturer HTC
Provider Sprint
Operating System Android
Product Description

People get phones for one reason and that reason is to stay connected with friends, family and colleagues. The HTC Hero from Sprint was designed to accomplish that in a very simple manner. Powered by Android, the Hero quickly becomes the social networking wizard that one would expect a phone made by the most popular manufacturer to. Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and more are at your fingertips and bend to your will, sending messages and pictures over the net with such ease. The 3.2 touchscreen and 5 megapixel camera will also help to capture those moments, like when your cat is flushing the toilet. Find your inspiration in the Hero by ordering online now.

Technical Details
4GNoDual CamerasNo
Camera MP5 MPHD VideoNo
SD Card2 GBMemory
StandBy Time210 HoursTalk Time5 Hours
Physical KeyboardNoWIFI802.11b/g
BT Version2.0OS Android
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