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Pantech Pocket Android Phone (ATT)

Pantech Pocket Android Phone (ATT)
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Manufacturer Pantech
Provider ATT
Operating System Android
Product Description

The Pocket by Pantech, powered by Android for the AT&T wireless network, has a 5MP camera, great for taking excellent photos for sharing with friends and family as well as great video for capturing the action. The Pocket has an amazing 4 inch touch screen display that is nice and wide for a better video viewing experience, this also adds a dimension to apps as well as making the on-screen keyboard being a bit larger for easier typing.

Texting, instant messaging and web-browsing are only a few of features that are accessible on this great phone. Finding the best possible price for the Pocket is as easy as ordering online today.

Technical Details
4GYesDual CamerasNo
Camera MP5 MPHD VideoYes
SD Card2 GBMemory600 MB
StandBy Time432 HoursTalk Time6 Hours
Physical KeyboardNoWIFI802.11b/g/n
BT Version2.1OS Android
Video Review

Customer Reviews
  1. By Janet On

    I had Iphone since the first one, a few month ago changed to HTC, i have a Desire HD and I find it way more ueufsl and cooler for me, but this is something that depends on what you expect from a phone, and IS DIFFERENT FOR EVERYONE, Iphone is a great phone, but to limited, Android has his down also, like the keyboard, more difficult to use´╗┐ than the iphone BTW: if you want a powerful phone, go for HTC SENSATION (dual core CPU)

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