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ZTE ROCKET 3.0 (T-Mobile)

ZTE ROCKET 3.0 (T-Mobile)
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Manufacturer ZTE
Provider T-Mobile
Operating System
Product Description

T-Mobile offers the unique ZTE Rocket 3.0, a  USB device which does not offer phone capabilities in the traditional sense. Instead, the ZTE Rocket 3.0 offers a stylish way to connect to the advanced T-Mobile HSPA+ 4G data network at blazing fast speeds of up to 42 Mbps! Best of all, the ZTE Rocket 3.0 can be used on both Windows and Mac OS from anywhere in the world and even provides a MicroSD slot to store additional data. Order your ZTE Rocket 3.0 USB device now before T-Mobile comes to their senses and starts charging more!

Technical Details
4GYesDual CamerasNo
Camera MPHD VideoNo
SD CardMemory
StandBy Time HoursTalk Time Hours
Physical KeyboardNoWIFI802.11b/g
BT VersionOS
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